What is IDentity-ZONE?

Have you ever felt like you spend a
lot of time every day getting ready
to face the world? Do you have several
different “faces”  at the ready for
any situation? Are people meeting you,
or the identity you want them to meet?
We were only ever meant to have one
face, a face that reflects Jesus Christ.

The Bible is clear that you as a woman were
made in the IMAGE of God.  It is also clear that
when you received the free gift of salvation by 
faith through grace, you became a new
creation in Christ.  

Unfortunately many Christian women are
suffering from “Identity Sickness” ...still clinging
to their old identities that were once formed by the
changing tides of culture, and by various
relationship encounters (Identity Defining Moments). 

Women are living  in bondage to these past
“Identity Defining Moments” that influence their
daily decisions and life choices.  These choices
can downgrade one’s identity to someone
other than a woman who is one with Christ!

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Pre-Post IZ-ZONE

Confidentiality Agreement ID-ZONE

What is IDentity-ZONE?

IdentityZONE is a discipleship ministry that
equips women to embrace their true identity
in Christ, while being coached on how to avoid
the temptation of manufacturing false identities
acceptable to the world and to others .

ID-ZONE helps set women free from living a
life spent trying to manufacture themselves into a
culturally acceptable woman, mother, Christian,
and/or worker.

Now is the time to be who God created you to
be...a child of the King of Kings, not one who
craves to be identified with temporary
images, idols or icons.  Christ has set you apart
from the World and He has set you free to
be exactly who you are in Christ!

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